Saturday, May 15, 2010


Welcome to This is our first post! Yay! We are very excited about this new blog endeavor and want to thank you for checking us out. We hope to have a couple of new posts up and running very soon. Please come back as often as you can, subscribe to our RRS feed, follow us on twitter or join our facebook group to help you stay updated when the new posts arrive.

I guess this is the part where we tell you what we are all about. First I’ll start by saying that the idea for this blog has been circling around our heads for many months. Working in the tourism industry for a few years, we seem to encounter the same burning question many times over “What is there to do in Nova Scotia?” and many times we’ve had to bite our tongues to prevent from spiting out “What isn’t there to do in Nova Scotia?”. Even people who have lived in Nova Scotia their entire lives do not seem to have any clue what adventures lay in their backyard.

The goal of this blog is to provide a social commentary on all things Nova Scotia has to offer. We are not affiliated with any company, industry or government department. We are not trying to sell you any specific products or push any type of commercial services. We intend to provide an alternative source of people who want to go beyond the commercialized portrayals of lighthouses and fiddle music. We believe that there is more to this great province then those simplified and pimped out stereotypes.

So here’s the disclaimer; we are a group of four 20-something no bull shit type women who are willing to give it to you straight up and have the ability to, at times, swear like sailors. This blog is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. We intend to go balls out on this with a no holds bars type of attitude. We are truly sorry if this type of bluntness offends you but we are who we are, nothing more or nothing less.

We are new to this so we would appreciate any comments or feedback you, the reader, can give us. Please feel free to leave a comment or email us directly at With that being said, we hope that you remain respectful and considerate of others in your comments. Please refrain from using racist, sexist and derogatory comments pertaining to anyone’s sexual orientation, preference, religion or ethnicity. Our mission is to spread the love! We will monitor our comments and reserve the rights to eliminate the ones we deem inappropriate.

Hope you enjoy our blog and come back frequently as possible. If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see in up-coming post or have a favorite place in Nova Scotia you would like to share with us, please email us and let us know. Again, don’t for get to check us out on twitter and facebook. Thanks for stopping by!