Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ace of Base ... or Burgers

A couple of weekends ago we headed out to go to a cafe to have the all important coffee and get a couple of blog post wrote, well as we  often end up doing we got off track. So instead we ended up at Ace Burger on Agricola St for late afternoon lunch. Ace is located inside Gus' Pub which gives it an unique vibe, our group had mixed feelings about the location not loving the odor of the pub itself but personally I do enjoy the way it feels like a part of the Northend community.  Ace is owned as the same family that owns Brooklyn Warehouse, and BW happens to be running a Crowd funding at the moment to improve their kitchen and if you are interesting in supporting them you can find the info over on their blog.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Nordic Skiing in New Scotland

Just one of the beautiful look off points at North Highlands Nordic XC Ski Trails.
Nova Scotia is getting hit with SNOWMAGEDDON 2013 so what better way to brace Mother Nature with a nice relaxing trek in the woods. Am I crazy? No not really but I do believe that something has to be said about the numerous trails and pathways around the province for those outdoorsy people – Welcome to the wonderful world of Nordic Skiing in New Scotland.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paper or Plaskett

There's a reason that I love this town. Well there's several but my favourite at the moment is  Joel Plaskett. Sonic Concerts just announced that the ECMA  nominated Joel Plaskett will be giving a show March 28 at Olympic Hall (my favourite new venue BTW). Tickets are $30.00 (plus tax and annoying fees) and $35.00 at the door. Just to give you that extra edge on getting tickets, pre-sale tickets can purchased here. The password is MONKEY.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Love The Candy Show

From Wikipedia 

I want to be best friends with Candy Palmater.

If you haven’t seen the stand up comedian’s TV show on APTN which is filmed here in Halifax then you’re missing out. She’s the new edgy multicultural version of Oprah.

Now, I had heard of Candy for awhile. I follow her on twitter and I’ve watched several youtube videos so I knew that she was a funny, funny lady but... I was two shows in and I had already laughed so hard I almost peed myself. WARNING!! If you’re a little emotional like me, some parts will also make your eyes well up with tears.