Monday, April 25, 2011

Peter MacKay FINALLY has Twitter

Disclaimer: This blog has no political ties. None of us belong or subscribe to any one set of political philosophies (or parties). Like the majority of Canadians, we believe in electing the candidate in your riding that will best represent your interest in the House of Commons. WE ALSO BELIEVE IN VOTING!
That being said..... Harper must have finally let Peter MacKay have a twitter account! YAY!!
If you follow us on twitter, you’ll already know that we’ve been asking for months that Harper set Petey Mac free and get him get a twitter account.... On April 11th, 2011, Petey made his first tweet!

MacKayCPC Peter MacKay

Here we will be keeping you updated about events we are attending across Central Nova! #CPC #Cdnpoli #NSpoli #elxn41 #cv11#CentralNova

Yeah... his tweets sound like a lawyer’s... oh wait.. haha, he is a lawyer.

So why are we so excited about Central Nova’s … err..... Former MP/ candidate/ pretty much MP gain?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Halifax M Fest

Mark it down on your calendars, in your iphones and your blackberries... Halifax Pop Explosion (HPX) has created a new off shoot festival they named Halifax M Fest and it’s happening on Sunday August 7th at Alderney Landing on the Dartmouth Waterfront. Yes, the Library parking lot! So far it’s only a one day event with doors opening at 1PM. It’s described as all ages with a licensed area... sooo a BEER TENT (I’m assuming).

Oh I forgot the best part... Headliners: Broken Social Scene!

Yay! If you’ve never seen them (thought they’ve been to Halifax a few times) you need to catch their show. They are amazing live. Youtube has plenty of vids from live shows so you can check 'em out. Their live performance list includes appearances on Letterman, Jimmy Fallon and CBC’s Q.

The other bands listed thus far include....