Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Noggin Farms & Gourmandise Ave, Halifax Seaport Market
Sure... it’s super easy to go local for Valentine’s Day if you take your lover out to eat at a local restaurant and buy them roses or whatevs from the local florist. Not that there is anything wrong with following typical Valentine’s traditions but it’s also kind of boring. We decided we'd just mention some Made in Nova Scotia ideas for the big V-Day to get you started so you could show your lover that you’re thoughtful, creative and...  locally minded to get that romance mojo flowing. 

If you’re single, don’t worry, I’ve got something for you and maybe a few of your fabulous single friends in a post this week!  And by this week, we mean probably tomorrow... 

Now, Valentine’s Day is just under a week away so let’s start with the best part of V-Day....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And The Nova Scotian Juno Nominees 2012 Are..

The Juno nominations are out and here is how our province’s musical talent made out this year... 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Would You Like Some Wine With That Cheese?

The secret is out. We have wine. Delicious award winning wine. Surprised? Don't be. With our mild climate and nutrient rich soil, growing conditions are perfect for grapes. Which is why we've been making wine since 1611 and I dare say we've gotten pretty damn good at it. Practice makes perfect after all. 

With over 2 dozen wineries each offering their own distinct brand, things can seem overwhelming. Don't worry about wine snobs, we're friendly and like to share. Which is why every year, you can find various tours, tastings and festivals throughout the province.

Starting February 2 -12 The Ice Wine Festival (award winning icewine!) will be taking place in varies locations throughout the province. For full schedule see here. This year over 40 events will be held, varying from the traditional wine and cheese pairing to winery tours by snowshoe.   Kids? No problem, how does a toboggan rides down a 1000 foot hill with a horse-pulled sleigh to meet you at the bottom and bring to the top again, sound? On a budget? Take in one of the amazing prix-fix menu  being offered during the festival.