Monday, January 19, 2015


So PodcampHFX got new digs this year. For those of us who's first time it was in the new Spring Garden library, and for those of us who have been there before, only one expression can sum up our thoughts... whoa! This is not your grandma's old library that smelled of dying books (and probably rats), it's.... beautiful. An amazing design with all the latest comforts of modern society. Well done Halifax, well done.   

The O'Regan Hall is a great space. It's a super relaxing and open atmosphere. There is plenty of room to move around and you don't feel stuck in one spot. The numerous other gatherings rooms were nice as well - the RBC room still has its 'new car smell'. 

That being said, let's get on to the most important part.... our reviews. 

If you don't know how this works for us. We rank based on a Jedi Ranking System. It's totally arbitrary but if you agree or don't agree let us know in comments below. If you think we suck, we appreciate those comments too.   

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Morning Alderney Market Ritual

I'm not usually one for rituals. In fact, people who need a certain amount of structure or routine in their lives often perplex me. Routines make me feel suffocated and it tramples on my free will.

But here is one that I have come to realize that I have acquired without knowing.

It happens on my Saturday morning trips down to Alderney Market. I'm not there every single weekend.... but when I am there I follow the same exact game plan every time.

I go in and get what ever fruits, veggies, milk and meats I feel like then...

I go get my Breakfast Sandwich at Sherry's Kitchen, get my large medium roast coffee at Port City Coffee and my breakfast of champions desert at The Doughnut Stand.  

Monday, June 9, 2014


This weekend was filled with good food, fantastic sunshine, and lots of open doors! This was my first Doors Open Halifax and boy am I ever glad I checked it out!

There were so many amazing spots I wanted to check out that I even created my own Pinterest Board of places I wanted to go but alas, I got too wound up in the excitement of such a beautiful weekend that I only got to visit five. Lame. I know.

Saturday included the University of King's College - I love old architecture and I love universities so naturally this was the first on my hit list. There's so much history and learning behind these walls, and since we got there when there were only a few people around, we were able to have a personal tour of the Chapel which was amazing! Next we moved on to check out the Theatre Lofts on Gottingen St. Only a few years ago was Gottingen a street you didn't visit alone but now, it's the perfect blend of young and old from all walks of life. These lofts were designed to look like some of the colourful houses that line the streets in the North End of the city but elevated from street level.

After some lunch at Janes on the Common (nom nom), we trekked down to the famous Halifax Club. Elegant is really the only word I have to describe it. This member club has lots of history, tunnels, and ghost stories and if I had have felt a bit better (despite the great weekend, I was feeling a bit ill), I definitely would have stopped one of the staff to share one of their many amazing stories! Moving on, we stopped at the original Bank of Nova Scotia (which reminded me of Gringotts Bank from Harry Potter) and we went from for the evening.

Sunday was made for brunch with friends at Coastal Cafe (first time ever and it was freakin' amazing!), tea at David's Tea, and then a visit to the Nova Scotia Courthouse on Spring Garden for what turned out to be our last stop for Doors Open. I studied Pre-Law in school and am very interested in the system so this has to have been my favourite venue. The staff were so informative and the tour was well attended. We were able to visit three of the court rooms and even check out the holding cells which I may never have another chance to do again (I hope at least!).

Because Sunday was such a beautiful day, and I was still feeling a bit ill, we decided to forgo the remaining venues I wanted to check out including Environment Canada, Metro Transit Facility, Neptune Theatre, and so much more. Kudos to the organizers, volunteers, venues and all of those involved to make this weekend happen! I'll be counting down the days until next year's Doors Open Halifax weekend.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Promise to Vote for....

Whoever gives the Higgins their Christmas Tree farmland back. 

The Higgins run a family business in Moose River on land that it has owned by their family for over 120 years. Their business is selling Christmas Trees... yup, you can pretty much say they help spread the Christmas spirit (Well, except when you have to put on those friggin’ lights). The farm is in the same area as the Former Moose River Gold Mine where recently more gold has been found underground. A company from Australia has bought up most of the un-used land around them and received rights to extract the gold via an open pit mine. The family had been offered $300,000 to sell their land and refused, which I believe they had every right to do so... but then the government stepped in.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Comedy of Errors - Opa!

This Friday evening we to attended Neptune Theater’s The Comedy of Errors, and what great night it was. I was not sure what to expect with it being a Shakespeare play and I thought maybe the language would be distracting, but with in the 1st monologue lost all notice of the Old English and fell into the story. One of the 1st things i noticed before the show got started is how beautiful the set was, I have seen a number of shows at Neptune (mostly the musicals) and this was definitely my favorite.  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Flavor 19

I ended up in Sydney the other day unexpectedly and before you knew it it was supper time. After trying the original Flavor location a few years back I have been really looking forward to trying out the second location Flavor 19.  Overall the decor is nice and modern and the food was pretty good (more one that in a moment) but the biggest drawback was the fact that they did not have a AC. This was early August and it was the better part of 30 degrees out and it noticeably hotter inside, I felt so bad for the 2 waitresses working it was bad enough sitting still in that heat. The uncomfortable heat really took away from our meal and I know I won’t be going back till it is much cooler outside.

As i said the food was pretty good I am not sure about great but probably better than other restaurant food I have tried in Sydney. I had the Crispy Thai Chicken burger, this was a tasty burger but there was too much chicken and not enough toppings, I ended up pulling ¾ of the chicken off the burger and eating it after I was done the rest of my meal. For my side I had the beet and goat cheese salad, this is one aspect of the meal that I could not say a bad thing about it was very good and had just the right amount of the creamy goat cheese to balance out the beets. I was with my Mother who had the Butter Chicken and Seafood, she found it kind of bland and even though she loves shrimp and scallops she commented that they did not add anything to the dish.

The location is lovely right on the Lingan Golf Course close to the university and mall and I am sure when it is not so hot out it would be a relaxing place to have a meal. The food was good and the service was great, I will be back just not in the summer.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Dirty Dancing... Halifax Nights

Our Big Day Night Downtown HFX

We were psyched to be given the opportunity to participate in the Halifax Downtown Business Commission’s Big Day Downtown promotion. We were given a $150 Visa gift card and let loose to spend our monies in Haliwood’s downtown then blog about it. There was just one condition, we were given three words which had to describe our experience; our words were Thrilling, Playful and Satisfying. Our own conditions were that we had to do something different that none of us had ever done before or any of the other bloggers participating. With a lot of debating the idea to spend a night out rather than the day was born.