Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sports, You’ll be good at them!

In case you haven’t heard, Halifax is the host city for the 2011 Canada Winter Games. That’s right, from Feb 11th-27th, Nova Scotia will be overflowing with sporting events and you can get in on the action to possibly see the NEXT SIDNEY CROSBY! Because SIDNEY CROSBY played in the Canada Winter Games once! You could possibly see the NEXT SIDNEY CROSBY! You don’t want to miss that!


We get it. Sidney Crosby is a big deal here in Nova Scotia; we love him and he once played in the Canada Games for Nova Scotia but he’s not the only reason why you should check out the Games. People tend to enjoy watching sports because they find them inspiring. Athletic competitions have come to represent the basic human social condition and it’s need for fulfillment. The protagonist looking deep inside of him/herself, overcoming obstacles and barriers; and winning against all odds. Our society is built on competition, both individual and collective, and it is what propels us forward. Blah Blah Blah.. in the end, it’s fun to watch sports because unless you’re a severely depressed or morbid person, everyone loves to watch a success story and there is always a success story in sports. 

The Canada Games have already contributed a lot to Halifax and Nova Scotia in terms of infrastructure and facilities (i.e. The Oval on the Commons). I’m excited to see Nova Scotia host this event and I cannot wait to catch some of the games. We’ll try to keep up to date on all 2011 Canada Winter Games news. 
Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis at the door unless it is for one of the select events that listed on the 2011 Canada Games website. You can purchase tickets here.
So I guess that means that if you wanted tickets to the curling finals and don’t have them already, you’re pretty much SOL. You could try Kijiji. 

The official merchandise shop is in Barrington Place Shops called 02.2011 Boutique. I haven’t officially checked it out, but it’s in the same building complex as the Delta Barrington and The Plaid Shop. Or you could shop online 

Just for fun, here’s a youtube link to Halifax's own Picnicface crew commercial for Powerthirst, an energy drink that makes you good at sports from which the blog post title tag line comes from...


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