Monday, April 25, 2011

Peter MacKay FINALLY has Twitter

Disclaimer: This blog has no political ties. None of us belong or subscribe to any one set of political philosophies (or parties). Like the majority of Canadians, we believe in electing the candidate in your riding that will best represent your interest in the House of Commons. WE ALSO BELIEVE IN VOTING!
That being said..... Harper must have finally let Peter MacKay have a twitter account! YAY!!
If you follow us on twitter, you’ll already know that we’ve been asking for months that Harper set Petey Mac free and get him get a twitter account.... On April 11th, 2011, Petey made his first tweet!

MacKayCPC Peter MacKay

Here we will be keeping you updated about events we are attending across Central Nova! #CPC #Cdnpoli #NSpoli #elxn41 #cv11#CentralNova

Yeah... his tweets sound like a lawyer’s... oh wait.. haha, he is a lawyer.

So why are we so excited about Central Nova’s … err..... Former MP/ candidate/ pretty much MP gain?

Meh, we’re not really sure our selves. Maybe it’s because he has been voted Sexiest MP by The Hill Times repeatedly over the last 12 years …..or maybe it’s because we really want a ride in those new jets (psst.. it’s the later). Either way, he’s the only one of the former cabinet ministers of the previous government with the balls enough to actually stand up to Harper, especially for Nova Scotia. Even Gilles Duceppe took notice, the direct quote goes something like “Peter MacKay stands up for Nova Scotia while the Quebec Conservatives are on their knees before their colleagues in the Conservative caucus”

Side Note: we wonder if it’s really Petey Mac tweeting or one of his staffers. He apparently knows how to use hashtags since he uses the #CentralNova on every single one of his tweets.... Then again, we also wonder if anyone besides his staffers actually follow the #CentralNova tag??? Oh wait the Green Party candidate Elizabeth May Matthew Chisholm also uses it.
Yeah sure.. Petey Mac has a few faults. So he doesn’t know exactly where California is... in all fairness, Arnold's kids probably can’t point out California on a World Map either. Oh, and he called his ex love Belinda Stonarch a dog (trying ...hard keep... straight face... ha, not possible). In all honesty, I actually think that one is kind of funny because seriously, we all got exs that we’ve probably said worst about.
There is something about Petey Mac we like... well besides calling him Petey Mac. It’s probably because he was/is basically our only hope in hell to get anything out of the Federal Government. We kinda secretly wish he tells the Feds not to fund the Convention Center (shifty eyes). Yes, he is a politician. That means he says things or makes promises that he doesn’t keep but hey, at least he takes more than 5 questions from the media... a la Harper..

and he takes on This Hour Has 22 Minutes head on....

Or he does CBC’s versions of Reality Shows and gets his head shaved....

Or that he’s the Minister of National Defence, and secretly....okay not so secretly, we hope that he gets us some new helicopters to replace the Sea Kings too... Because if you live in Halifax, you know that shit has fallen off of them while in the air and for every 1 hour the Sea King is in the sky, it gets 4 hours of maintenance on the ground. We’re tired of running for our lives every time we see one just in case something falls apart over top of us....
But none of us live in his riding... So I guess it doesn’t really matter to him.

The next question is... How to we get him to follow us on twitter?? Megan Leslie does..... : )

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