Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Morning Alderney Market Ritual

I'm not usually one for rituals. In fact, people who need a certain amount of structure or routine in their lives often perplex me. Routines make me feel suffocated and it tramples on my free will.

But here is one that I have come to realize that I have acquired without knowing.

It happens on my Saturday morning trips down to Alderney Market. I'm not there every single weekend.... but when I am there I follow the same exact game plan every time.

I go in and get what ever fruits, veggies, milk and meats I feel like then...

I go get my Breakfast Sandwich at Sherry's Kitchen, get my large medium roast coffee at Port City Coffee and my breakfast of champions desert at The Doughnut Stand.  

Disclaimer: I do vary my doughnut selections and sometimes ask for an egg benny breakfast sandwich. (I can't be that predictable) 

The whole routine would surprise anyone who knows me because...

1- I don't usually eat breakfast (though I do like breakfast food at any other time of the day)
2- I don't like  doughnuts.... besides those from The Doughnut Stand

Warning: You have to get there early for the best selection of doughnuts because they sell out fast... but then I haven't had a doughnut from The Stand that I didn't like. 

I'm a big fan of coffee and especially picky about my first cup of joe of the day. I can't seem to really fully explain it but Port City Coffee is just a really good, plain and simple cup of coffee. I really appreciate that they don't try to sell you on or draw you in with anything else but a really great cup of coffee. I often find myself wondering how my cup is already empty. 

Anyways, on my morning travels this weekend I discovered some of the Mennonite farmers are growing dark midnight purple string beans... 

I don't think I've ever seen them before. I thought they were vanilla beans until I got closer. So I bought a bunch to try in a Hodge Podge. 

PS: Sorry we haven't been blogging a lot lately.. that's about to change
- The Pubnisian

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