Friday, March 4, 2011

Brunch @ The Social House: Nectar

Have you been to the Darkside lately? If you haven’t you’re missing out on some great food AND amazing service. Downtown Dartmouth seems to be becoming a hot spot for some of the best dining experiences in HRM with Nectar Social House leading the pack. Though I’ve heard about Nectar from many many people, the first time I got the chance to go was during lunch break at Podcamp Halifax being held at Alderney Landing. It was actually by chance that we ended up at Nectar since our first choice was over capacity and Nectar which is on Ochterloney St, was near by so our small group decided to go try it out. I’ll call it a lucky twist of fate because we were certainly all left very happy with our choice. 

(I know, we're a little late on this post)...

We arrived during brunch which was fine by me as long as they have eggs benny. Their dinning room layout is a bit unconventional. The lower area when you first come in is composed of a small bar area and a few tables that sit 2-4 people then  up the stairs there is a larger sitting that can accommodate several large groups. Since we were a couple of us, we sat at a table near the windows on the lower level looking out at Ochterloney St. I know, it seems to be a very odd name for a street in Nova Scotia but it is a Scottish name, I do believe. The street is named after Alexander Ochterloney who help a group of Jamaican immigrants referred to as Maroons, settle in the area. Anyway...

Well, just look at it!
Before I start talking food, I must talk about the service. Unfortunately I did not get the servers name but she was an older lady with Salt-N-Pepper chin length hair. She was AWESOME!! and her description of the Frittata of the Day actually made one of us change our minds about our order. Typically since we’re on the younger looking side of the spectrum, we are use to most servers not really catering all that much to us, especially the more mature servers. But this was not the case at Nectar, she treated every customer as if they were the Queen herself. She was very accommodating and helpful. Probably some of the best service I’ve had in the HRM.
Now, first and foremost, as an avid coffee drinker I must say that the coffee was above average. The Eggs Benedict was amazing; made on toasted sourdough bread with real ham (not processed Canadian Bacon) and oh the potato wedges. Everyone loved the potato wedges! I guess The Frittata of the Day was equally as amazing because nobody wanted to share. We finished off brunch with the homemade doughnuts sprinkled with fennel sugar and served with lemon custard. Words cannot begin to describe how amazing they were.

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