Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day... Things to Remember for May in Nova Scotia!

ELECTION DAY MAY 2ND! Once again, for the third time in 7 years, we’re headed back to the polls to vote in a Federal Election. Hope you’ve all listened to the candidates in your riding have to say and you vote for the person you believe will best represent you in Ottawa. BUT the most important thing is to vote!

Let the Bus Back in... New legislation requires vehicles to yield to buses trying to re-enter the traffic on May 1st. Though lot drivers in Nova Scotia tend to let the buses back in already, now it’s official; you must yield to buses or you’re going to JAIL!! Okay, maybe not jail but you’ll get a ticket. The going prices for the fines are between $167 and $340. The legislation only applies to Transit Buses only and if you are in a 60km/h zone or less.... Or if you’re an emergency vehicle with your flashing lights on... then you don’t apply. More info click here

Northumberland Ferry Service Resumed: The PEI to Nova Scotia ferry service starts May 1st. Schedule times is available online here.

May Flowers come out! Are Nova Scotia’s official flower, the May Flower, starts to bloom. What’s the point of an official flower? Not too sure about that but anywho...

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