Monday, October 22, 2012

#CityHarvest Happening this Weekend in Halifax

It’s all falling into place.... because it’s fall... get it. Yeah okay, so puns are not my forte... but eating and shopping are!! And I love free yoga classes.

All things you can do at this up coming weekend October 27th & 28th at CityHarvest event/ festival thingy (??) happening in Halifax 

It’s put on by I Love Local (HFX) Business CommunityGroup that helps promote local businesses in Halifax.... Yes, yes, I know.. Thank You, Captain Obvious. It’s an Event that helps showcase things that local businesses have to offer. Here are some of the things we are excited about....

15% off and Free Garrison beer while you shop at Carbonstok... yes, FREE BEER! Pop-up Shop with 25% off of Lost Cod ClothingCompany

Free Food, amazing Specials on certain items or Back Door Take-Outs from participating restaurants

25% off at Biscuit if you post a pic of an item and post it to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook

The Discovery Centre is having a Halloween Weekend

And of course Free Yoga classes at Bikram Yoga on Grafton Street ALL WEEKEND!

There are so many locally owned businesses participating in #CityHarvest that I couldn’t list them all but you can find a full list on the I Love Local (HFX) website.

It’s also free to park in any Waterfront Development Parking lots on the waterfront.

If you find any incredible deals or anything that just gets you excited, let us know via twitter @blognovascotia and don’t forget to hashtag #CityHarvest

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