Saturday, November 3, 2012

Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead... with Full Steam Coffee, roasted in Guysborough, Nova Scotia. The coffee certified organic, fair trade and not to mention delicious. As of right now the coffee is available in Guysbrough at the Skipping Stone Cafe, Bakery and Gift Shop as well as at Pete’s Frootique in Bedford and downtown Halifax in the HRM. They are also usually at the Antigonish Farmers Market on Saturdays. This weekend you can stop by Pete's in Bedford for a free sampling. 

We tried 4 of the 7 blends; The Full Steam, Boiler Stoker, Fogarty’s Cove and Titanic 1912. All 4 were really smooth with no bitter aftertaste. The Boiler Stoker is an espresso roast and the Full Steam is a medium roast. The Blog Nova Scotia ladies do enjoy a strong cup of coffee, and both of these coffees really hit the spot and would be a perfect choice to have with (or as) dessert. The other 2 flavors were medium roasts and also very good. They would be good breakfast coffees. Full Steam does also offer an additional medium roast, a light roast and a decaf option so they really do offer something for every taste. You also don't need much coffee either since we found it to brew up very dark especially in a french press. 

We bought our coffees straight from the Skipping Stone Cafe in Guysborough, a lovely little spot on the Chedabucto Bay on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. The cafe which features the coffee, has a beautiful view of the Bay. It is definitely worth the drive in to visit the area for a visit to the gift shops and bakery. Especially to pick up some coffee. The community also features the Rare Bird Pub, DeBarres Manor Inn and Osprey Shores Golf Club. The highlights of the area is really promoted well on Authentic Seacoast website. Their social media sites are very interactive as well. It was the great interactions that had triggered my original visit and I have been back a couple of times since. If you're not following them on twitter or like them on facebook, you probably should. You can also follow Full Steam Coffee on facebook for updated availability on their coffees

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  1. I was born and raised in Boylston,a delightful "suburb" of Guysborough,& my roots grow back to about 1760,making me a true local.We dare to hope that this powerful, totally delicious little product dreamed up by one caring individual will produce a few jobs,and once again create a profile for Guysborough.Drink up Nova Scotia!!!