Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Middle Spoon... Coming Soon!!

Driving down Barrington Street the other day, I notice a sign in the window in the vacant space next to the Fireworks Gallery. On this sign was written some magical words....The Middle Spoon Desserterie and Bar, Coming Soon. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was reading right. Dessert AND bar?!? Combined together in one space?! This is amazing!! After a few years of seeing shop after shop closing down with nothing new opening to replace them, things maybe be finally starting to look up in the Death Valley of Barrington Street. Maybe the curse is gone...

I came home and started to search the internet for more info on the place. The only thing I could find is the facebook page, no twitter or website. It states in the info that it will have table service and a bakery bar and table service. It doesn’t even list a real phone number... well I hope it isn’t anyways. Oh and it likes HIM Boutique.
But Anywho... If it’s got dessert and drinks them I’m there. The last facebook post says that it will be open for Father’s Day. If anyone knows anything more about the new place please share in the comment section.
This isn’t very Nova Scotian but I hope they have Cosmos and Tiramisu...


  1. The Middle Spoon is NOW OPEN! delicious desserts and fabulous drinks!

  2. It is open and it is delicious. I took some amazing photos in there tonight, very nice!