Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lobster Industry... WTF is Going On In Nova Scotia

Have you been hearing a lot about the news about the lobster industry? The  industry is the backbone for a lot of communities of Sou’West Nova Scotia and up through the Bay of Fundy. The price of lobster in Nova Scotia this season is extremely low even though the price of other seafood had been through the roof. So for the communities who are already hurting from the loss of the ferry, are struggling to make ends meet. They are getting less for their product than what the lobster is worth..

The politics are so complicated that I can’t really explain all the ends and out. It would take me three days to write a thesis on what’s going on to the lobster industry.

But... the fisherpeople are uniting!!

And the revolution will be youtuberized!! The new Association is transparent and on the internet. So if you’re interested in seeing what’s happening and why. They actually explain a lot in the meets about the history and the current situations in the markets. Here are the links to the first meeting and the second. (There was only two thus far).

PS: Language Disclaimer! They are sailors, so get over it...

PPS: Accent Disclaimer! Welcome to Sou’West Nova!

January 4, 2012

January 12, 2012

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