Thursday, January 19, 2012

Professional Lobster Fisherman Association Meeting.

There have been more meetings from the newly formed 1688 Professional Lobster Fisherman’s Association.

I believe that the lobster industry is important to Nova Scotia and we should be all concerned with staying informed about what’s going on. I mean, it what tourist want when they come here! It’s part of our regional cultural identity. Remember the outrage when they took down the lobster cam for the winter from Nova Scotia Webcams website (Still not running by the way)? It probably affects us in more ways than we’ll probably ever know unless we lose it. Then, it’s too late.......

At 11:45 a fisherman stands up and speaks from his heart about the importance of lobster fishing is to the sense of community in the area.. it’s worth seeing.

The truth is being told and history is being made!

Here’s a link from the last one which was held in Pubnico, Nova Scotia.

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