Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pirates vs Privateers... what's the diff?

Navel Battle of Halifax, NS. From Wikipedia

If you’ve ever spent any time in any Pub/Bar/Tavern in downtown Halifax then odds are you probably know most of the lyrics to Barrett’s Privateers. Many of us know the lyrics but do we really understand what they mean? Really though, A Letter of Marque, what’s that? And why did it come from the King if they were going cruise the seas for American gold?

So yeah.. If you’re like me then you probably never really thought about it much either. It’s a drinking song so I’m usually.... well, you know.

People the world over are fascinated with Pirates. Let’s face it, even Disney made a movie about them... four actually, with a rumored fifth on the way... And everyone one knows that Nova Scotia, with our rich maritime history, was a haven for many of them. Case in point, the people who have been searching for pirate treasure on Oak Island for decades.

So we know about pirates, but what about these privateer guys? Well, I know that Liverpool was full of them since their big claim to fame is they are the Port of the Privateers. But really, what is the difference?

I recently was sent email linking me to the Land and Sea episode of “Pirates and Privateers”, which I found incredibly interesting and informative. It tells of the important role Nova Scotia played in what is known as the “Golden Age of Piracy” and the history of Pirates and Privateers. If you have any interest in the subject then you should follow the link here... or take a look at the trailer below. 

Ahoy me mateys, I’m sure you’ll find something to your likings....
Pirates and Privateers... know the difference?

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