Saturday, January 19, 2013

Team Wintersleep VS Team Matt Mays

UPDATE: You can now vote for Fan Choice Video and Entertainer of the Year at 

That's the heated debate... who do we want to win the Fan Favorite Video of the year at the East Coast Music Awards? We're still undecided but we basically narrowed it down to two... And we love them both...

Wintersleep's "In Came the Flood" is so hypnotizing that we can't stop watching...

Yet Matt Mays "Take It On Faith" has the True Blood wolves... and by default this "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon's" him with Vampire Eric aka Alexander Skarsgard..

They're both up for a million East Coast Music Awards so who's going to win the most? Will there be a sweep.. or will there be a surprise ending for them both? 

Either way ECMAs are celebrating their 25th Anniversary so it's going to be a big show. It's in Haliwood and you can get your tickets at ticketpro for around 90$ general admission wrist band. Well worth it to see all the local talent in one show. 

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