Thursday, January 31, 2013

Screaming Eagles

But not the Cape Breton kind......

I shouldn't have to say this, but just in case, we have bald eagles!  Real life screaming eagles located in Sheffield Mills in the Annapolis Valley. And I am not kidding about the screaming part they... were very loud.
Last weekend (Jan 26 & 27) and this weekend (Feb. 2 & 3) the 20th Annual Eagle Watch is being held, conviently located in Sheffied Mills (Wine Country!) the eagle watch is a great way to spend a winter day.

Way too early on a Saturday morning, we got up to go get a look, and were not disappointed. 
Wanting to see this event for ages, I jumped (with some hesitation) at the chance to get up at the crack of 7:00am to head to  the valley. With Matt Mays playing, and a few eagle sightings on the way, we quickly arrived in New Minas, now the Soccer Capital of Atlantic Canada according to a nearby sign. Following the "Blue Eagle Signs" and no real help from Siri, we found the place.

The eagles are fed from 8:00am to 10:00am. A pile of chicken (who doesn't like chicken?) is laid on the ground and the eagles swoop in! We parked on the side of road, (there is a small parking lot as well) and braced ourselves for the paparazzi. Peeking around the zoom lenses, we got why there were so many zoom lenses and tri-pods. Eagles everywhere! Several were on the ground enjoying the chicken and others were swooping in and heading to a nearby tree.

Now we don't consider ourselves  bird watchers and have to admit we looked pretty out of place with our little point and shoot cameras but we did get a couple of ok pictures. For anyone with a decent camera or who enjoys eagles it would be a great experience to get to see them up close. Part of the annual Eagle Watch event is a pancake and sausage breakfast that we skipped but would have been a great way to finish up the morning.

Getting our fill of the eagles, we headed back to the city stopping along the way in Greenwich Noggins Corner Farm Market. The market is open year round 8am - 8pm. Not in the valley? No problem, they sell Saturdays at the Dartmouth Farmer's Market (Alderney Landing) from 8:00am -1:00pm. I picked up some delicious pickled beets and the best peanut butter brownies in the world. The beets are made by Pat's Preserves and the brownies by Sourdough Country Bakery. The store also sold pies by Pie r Squared and a large variety of local apples, spices, cheese and cider. Complimentary glasses of mulled cider were also offered.

Not a bad way to spend a cold winter day!

Written by TheCaper and Bluenoser

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