Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ace of Base ... or Burgers

A couple of weekends ago we headed out to go to a cafe to have the all important coffee and get a couple of blog post wrote, well as we  often end up doing we got off track. So instead we ended up at Ace Burger on Agricola St for late afternoon lunch. Ace is located inside Gus' Pub which gives it an unique vibe, our group had mixed feelings about the location not loving the odor of the pub itself but personally I do enjoy the way it feels like a part of the Northend community.  Ace is owned as the same family that owns Brooklyn Warehouse, and BW happens to be running a Crowd funding at the moment to improve their kitchen and if you are interesting in supporting them you can find the info over on their blog.

I had the Jerk chicken burger the Onion "rings"and Root beer combo. The Jerk Chicken rocked, it was spicy with sweet Pineapple to help balance it out. The bun was hearty enough to hold up to the sauce and toppings on the bugger but not feel like too much bread. The Onion "rings" were actually more like hay stack onions, and tasted different then regular onion rings. I did enjoy them but Ace makes really good frys and I think my next visit I will have to go back to frys. - TheCaper 

                                                      They had me the moment I walked in the door. Located above the counter, high on a shelf, was an original Nintendo box showing the system and the orange duck hunt gun. The food counld have been awful but from that point on I was happy. Does anyone know if the Nintendo is in the box?

 I had the Deluxe burger combo with Root beer and a Keith's light I grabbed on the Gus's side. I also got  the Onion "rings", the server had mentioned prior to ordering that they weren't like traditional rings. I'm not sure what to expect but they weren't it. They were tasty and props to Ace for having the giant Ketchup packets, I'm getting the fries next time. The burger was amazing! Made with Getaway Farm Grass fed beef, it was one of the best burgers I've ever had. Seasoned with dijonnaise and served on a kaiser it was amazing! My only issue is that I'd like to see Ace start taking debit as payment. - The Bluenoser

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