Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Love The Candy Show

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I want to be best friends with Candy Palmater.

If you haven’t seen the stand up comedian’s TV show on APTN which is filmed here in Halifax then you’re missing out. She’s the new edgy multicultural version of Oprah.

Now, I had heard of Candy for awhile. I follow her on twitter and I’ve watched several youtube videos so I knew that she was a funny, funny lady but... I was two shows in and I had already laughed so hard I almost peed myself. WARNING!! If you’re a little emotional like me, some parts will also make your eyes well up with tears.

After each new act I’d frantically googled for information about the amazing local talent she had showcased on that show.

In the first 6 episodes she had on her show East Coast award winning In-Flight Safety, Son of legendary Dutchie Mason, Garret Mason, the Metalica-sque metal band Black More, Eastern Eagle Drummer from Indian Brook, country and western revival band The Whiskey Kisses, the remarkable voice that is Katey Day and R&B group Asia and the NuGrove... and those were just her musical acts. She also had Parkourer Glenn Knockwood, Reed “IzReal” Jones, a poet who performs one of his poems composed mainly of movie titles, Ashley Julian, a Mi’kmaq native fancy shawl dancer who performed at the Vancouver Olympics, Halifax contortionist and Patrick Gray or is it Grey... either way he’s a local magician from Halifax who performs an astonishing card trick.   

Candy’s website describes her as big, beautiful and ballsy but what it fails to mention is that she’s an incredible story teller. The best part of the show is when she just sits on her stool in front of the audience and shares. The show is funny yet inspirational and really does makes you feel like you can achieve anything you put your heart and mind to no matter who or what you are.  Just like Oprah but not so politically correct all the time. I loved it so much I watched all season 1 and some of season 2 in one afternoon via online streaming on the ATPNnetwork website.

She also makes Nail Polish Hauls on her youtube channel.. it's one of our favorite subject so she won us over ... and we love her Tipi lamp

Her show comes on the APTN East network on Thursday nights at 10:30pm here in the Maritimes. Her show supports and showcases a wide range of the local under-publicized talents of The Maritimes. I’ve now made it my mission to go see a taping which at the Olympic Centre.

So the next time she does I’m so there....... 

Her Twitter @TheCandyShow

Her Facebook The Candy Show

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