Monday, August 5, 2013

Matt Mays was at the Jubilee....What Else Can I Say

There are five things that happen when you go to Matt Mays concert in the NS.

1. Matt Mays comes out with a hat on, takes it off and then puts it back at some point near the end of the show.

2. He always climbs something.

3. You become BFFs with everyone around you.

4. You must know the words to ALL of his songs and if you don't your new best friends will disown you.   

5. You realize that he is probably the best live performer you will ever see... unless you’re lucky enough to see, let's say Neil Young and then he’s probably a very close second.

This is the photo story of what happened at the Jubilee in New Glasgow Saturday night.

He Comes out with a hat on... 

He takes his hat off. 

We're becoming BFFs with our neighbors..

As usual, he sings and pounds on his chest

He climbs his speaker the first time

I think this is his favorite guitar

Carmen Townsend comes out for Indio... Me and my new BFFs are Stoked

Love her... 

He climbs the speaker for the second time.. that I remember. Not really sure at this point.

Not sure... 

I love that he has the biggest bromance going on with his guitarist whom I usually refer to as "Matt May's Tom Cruise look-a-like guitarist" because he looks like him and when he plays he has that crazed look in his eyes like Tom did when he jumped on Oprah's couch. His name is Adam Baldwin.. thank you Wikipedia. 

I'm sure he put his hat back on at some point but I don't have it documented in pictures... 

More bromance.. 

Near the crowd..

I'm kinda sad it's coming to an end..

Then I completely lose my mind... 
Some of Wintersleep comes out to join him on stage..

La Fin... 
until next time! 

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