Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Night We Met the Sheepdogs at Jubilee...

Jubilee Sign
... and they were giants.

Literally and figuratively....

I’m approximately 5’7”and I came to their shoulders. They were soo much taller than I expected and they also surpassed all my other expectations in every way. 

And let’s face it, The Sheepdogs were the first unsigned band to grace the cover of the Rolling Stone so my expectations were pretty high.

The Caper won the meet and greet through the New GlasgowJubilee’s Instagram contest thingy were she had to take a picture collage and do whatever. We were pretty stoked when we found out but there was just one slight problem...there are four of us and only two could go.... so we had a death match and I won. (I’m just joking. Some of us really wanted to see Gloryhound for the 800th time because we all love them that much and the meet and greet was when they were set to come on stage.)

This is the picture we got to take... 

And they signed our lanyards...

The Sheepdogs
I was nervous thinking that it was going to be slightly awkward but they were super cool and easy going.

Their show was incredible. I missed them the last time they were in Halifax and slightly regretted it ever since. Now I could kick myself.

Le Vest

 I’m trying to find the words to describe the concert but I’m at a loss. If you were not there then you should have been. Friday night at the Jubilee is rated as one of the best concerts I’ve seen in my life. Dude with the bandana, (I think his name is Liot) came out in the greatest vest I’ve ever seen. 

They are playing tomorrow night on PEI and Sunday night at the Red Knight in Yarmouth. Not sure how The Ol’ Red Dog is going to compare to the Jubilee but if you can make it, you should definitely go.

I love that Alert the Medic who played after the Sheepdogs, thanked them for opening for them.

And I’m not going to lie; I love Gloryhound more and more every time I see them... even though I missed half their set.They played 'El Camino' and dedicated it to Jay Smith. 

Also missed half of Town Heroes and none of us got a decent, non blurry/distorted picture. It was just too light out. 

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