Monday, August 5, 2013

Wintersleep in PHK

As the finale to our weekend of concerts we checked out Wintersleep on the Granville Green in Port Hawkesbury Cape Breton (you can read all about the Granville Green in our past post) . We are HUGE Wintersleep fans and felt it would be a perfect way to cap off a weekend of music, beaches and road tripping

We did love Tim's mint green guitar
But Wintersleep was not a good choice for this venue. There was a large crowd but there is always a crowd on the green because the community comes out to support the series, last night though it kinda felt for a lot of people that was their only reason to be there. Most people did not seem to know the music and even started packing up and leaving when there was a few songs left (which is rude). We felt so bad for the band you could just tell that they knew this was not their crowd and even made a comment about never playing for so many children. We left the concert feeling that Wintersleep was not told what to expect when playing this series.

The opening band Alvvays was ok but the crowd also did not seem very enganged. The main singer does have a nice voice and her nerdy/hipster vibe works or the band. This was not a waste of a night though Wintersleep was still Wintersleep and had a solid set (even if it did miss some of their normal energy) and we had two full on rocking nights at the Jubliee and a more relaxed vibe was just what we needed.


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