Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Made In Nova Scotia: Terra Beata Cranberry

I decided to do our first Made in Nova Scotia on Terra Beata Cranberry Juice. I want the world to know how much better it is than....um... the leading national brand’s cranberry juice/drink. If I had to name my favorite product made in the NS, this would be it. This is the Nova Scotian product I use the most often. I drink it almost every morning and every night.

I know what your thinking... “What? She didn’t say one of Nova Scotia’s beers, she must be out of her mind”. Well I am..... but just slightly.

I first came across the Terra Beata Company at Christmas at the Forum a few years ago. I’m a big fan of cranberries so I bought their Cranberry Mincemeat preserve (which tastes unbelievable on ice cream or even on just plain soda crackers). Then I notice their juices at Sobey’s and decided to forgo my regular juice to try this one out. Usually this always backfires on me but I was pleasantly surprised with Terra Beata. I never went back. Well.. unless they are sold out at Sobey’s for a few days and I’m too lazy to walk to Pete’s Fruitique.

If you’ve never heard of Terra Beata Farms, they are a fast growing company from around Lunenburg area. Their farm is out on or rather, thier cranberry bog is out on Heckman’s Island which is somewheres sort of between Lunenburg and Blue Rocks. I’ve never actually been but I definatly want to check out Terra Beata Farms’ Bog Store at some point in the near feature.

As for the juice review, the best I can describe it as very pure tasting. It’s not too sweet, not too tart and doesn’t have an after taste. It’s really labeled as a Real Fruit Beverage since it’s made for 25% cranberry juice but it’s only made from three ingredients, all of which you can pronounce; water, cranberry juice and sugar. I usually drink it straight up in the morning and mixed with half Perrier carbonated mineral water at night just to give it some fizz. It’s also makes great thirst quencher if you mix it with 75% water. In my opinion, it’s defiantly worth a try, then let us know what you think....

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