Thursday, February 24, 2011

NovaFamous: Radio, Radio

If you never heard of Radio Radio then you know little to nothing about the Quebec music scene. That’s okay because neither do I. In fact I even forgot to include them in our Juno’s post.... The worst part is, they label themselves as an Acadian French rap group and I’m an Acadian! Possibly a very out of touch Acadian???

Okay, sooo...I know what your asking yourself... SOO what does all this group have to do with Quebec’s music scene? Just so happens Radio Radio have been blowing up Les Chart Qubecois for the couple years. Two of the three rappers hail from the region of Clare down in the Baie Ste-Marie along the Acadian Shores of Nova Scotia. That’s right, two big Vedettes (stars) in La Belle Province are Nova Scotian made. The other guy is from Moncton so he’s not that far off either...

Oh... hehe...they are also nominated for a Juno this year in the category of Francophone Album of the Year. Last year the group was also shot listed for Polaris Music Prize for their third album Belmundo Regal. This prestigious prize is awarded annually to the best full length album based on musical merit alone. They have also received several music awards given out by Quebec’s music industry. I hate to compare musicians and musical style, I’m going to anyways. Radio Radio reminds me somewhat of the Beastie Boys. The french version of the Beastie Boys.

Best part, even the semi French illiterate Anglophone can understand because the group members are proud speakers of French Acadian which means it’s got a little English mixed in. That means your schooling in French immersion may have not gone completely to waste.

I was first become aware of Radio, Radio when they were announced as part of the lineup in Celebration Square (aka Grand Parade to us regular Nova Scotian folks). After stalking them out online, I couldn’t believe I had never come across this group. Their interview and videos are hilarious. They are like a breath of fresh air to the more old styled traditional music that I think of when I think about music associated with my Acadian heritage. THERE ARE NO FIDDLES OR TAP DANCING HERE!!!

Happy to see someone proudly taking Acadian culture and music into the 21st Century. To the young Acadians, this will do nothing but instill a much needed sense of pride in their language and their culture. Particularly in light of recent events that have happened here in Nova Scotia in the past week. Not to take anything away from bands like Grand Derangement who play traditional Acadian music with a modern twist. But lets face it, doesn’t matter how you dress it up... Tap Dancing and fiddle music are NOT COOL when you’re 15.

Radio Radio has played on a number of big stages including the Olympics. As Nova Scotians, we’ll be lucky to be able to see them play for free here in Halifax tomorrow Feb 25th, 2011 at Grand Parade... oh, I’m Sorry.... Celebration Square.

Here is their single Guess what? from their latest album Belmundo Regal that was nominated for the Polaris Prize and a Juno,

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