Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nova Scotia @ the Junos

The Juno nominations are in! And seems that Nova Scotia did fairly well especially with all the Beiber Fever going around. The Junos are celebrating their 40th birthday this year and rapper Drake is the host for the ceremony in Toronto. A few of our artist got nominations in the “big” categories such as Classified’s nomination for Single of the Year for “Oh Canada” which really excites us since some of us here at the blog may have been part of the crowd in his video which was shot in Halifax at Granville Square.

Harbour’s Matt Mays contributed.  And yes, there is someone else that famous that comes from Cole Harbour other than King....oops I mean Sidney Crosby. Okay, okay... Matty Mays may not be Land of Croz famous but we love him just the same.

Halifax rapper Ghettosocks is up for Rap Recording of the Year and I believe he wins the most awesomest rapper name ever award as well. He was one of the artist that I wanted to go see during Halifax Pop Explosion but didn’t get out to. Hopefully the fact that he is up against the host, Drake doesn’t work against him.

And Chester’s Old Man Ludecke is nominated for Roots Traditional Album of the Year: Solo for My Hands Are On Fire and Other Love Songs.  Old Man Ludecke get a nod for awesomest name of the year as well because his name is... well, just fun to say! Now to be honest, I haven’t really heard most of his new album but “I Quit my Job” is still my favorite from 2 albums ago.

There are others as well that have Nova Scotia DNA (NSDNA), like members of Holy Fuck who are from Yarmouth, NS and nominated for Electronic Album of the Year. Luke Doucet was born in Nova Scotia and Nominated for Adult Alternative Album of the Year and of course Sarah McLachlan who was born in Dartmouth but doesn’t like us so we don’t really count her as our own. Then there is Meaghan Smith who is originally from London, Ont but began her music career here in Halifax so Music Nova Scotia loves her.

I’m disappointed that Wintersleep and their album New Inheritors wasn’t nominated for anything besides their Art Director Graeme Patterson being nominated for Record Package of the Year. WHAT?? They just played Letterman...

Congrats to all our Nova Scotian Nominees, let’s bring home the … crystal.

In case you haven’t seen Classified video, “Oh Canada” here it is...

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