Sunday, February 6, 2011

NovaFamous: 2 Cups and a Super Bowl

Super Bowl weekend is almost here and do you know who the only person to ever to have won the Vanier Cup, the Grey Cup and the Super Bowl? It’s Nova Scotian Tyrone Williams. I’m not going to lie, football is not my forte. Like most Canadians I’m a hockey fan. I’ve gone to a quite a few Saint Mary’s Huskies games and I do get the very basics. And by basics I mean, Williams is a wide receiver and I had to wikipedia it to find out what exactly that position entails.

Williams was born in Halifax and played both football and basketball at the no longer in existence Queen Elizabeth High School. (He more than likely practiced on the Halifax Commons so I wonder what he thinks of The Oval?) He went to the University of Western Ontario where he won the Vanier Cup along with the Ted Morris Award as a Mustang. For those how are football illiterate like me, the Ted Morris Award is the Vanier Cup’s MVP, Vanier Cup being Canadian universities Super Bowl. He was also a two time Canadian All-Star and Four time Ontario All-Star.  After graduation he was off to the NFL where he technically won a Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys in 1993 even though he never actually dressed for the game. He was suppose to play but due to other players injuries they had to dress different positions (or something like that).

After that he then headed to the CFL where he joined the Toronto Argonauts. Footnote: Argonauts were a group of heroes that sailed around in a ship ...well, being heroes in Greek Mythology such as Hercules and Orpheus. (something I didn’t have to wiki, yay!) Anyhoo, in 1996, he helped them win the 84th Grey Cup. Apparently the weather wasn’t the best, it was -10c and heavy snow fall...brrr  Take a look at the video from a Grey Cup Classic Moment and watch the players slide through the snow to a touche down.


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