Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reason 100987 why I love my city...

I'm in love. The secret is out, I love my city. Halifax is a unique and wonderful city with surprises around every corner.

What I love about my city is they way the old and new have blended together to create a one of the most beautiful cityscapes I've ever seen. Have you ever been to the look out on top of the citadel? Do it! Seriously, it's worth the climb.

One thing that's always fascinated me was the harbour. Everywhere you look it's old mixed with new. My favourite part of the boardwalk is the area around Bishop's landing next to Sugah!. One moment you're looking a multi-million dollar energy efficient building the next you're looking at a 200 year old fortified island in the harbour.

George's Island was fortified to protect Halifax against sea based attack. The Citadel was created to protect against land based attack. Don't mess with us!

I've stared at the island for hours over the last few years. I had been dying to get there. When I found out about Picnic in the Past I jumped on the chance to purchase tickets.
Picnic in the Past was held this past July and allowed visitors to tour the island. Tickets were $15.00 and included boat passage to and from the island and admission to the island.
For an extra $10.00 you could purchase a box lunch made from local ingredients. I had the Noggins Corner Grilled Marinated Vegetable sandwich and the Greek Pasta Salad. Included in the basket was a homemade chocolate chip cookie and bottle of water. Sound good? It was!

While in line we we're offered free ice cream samples from Scotsburn and bottles of water. I expected the line up for the boat to huge and it was. We arrived an hour before our ferry departure. It was about 25 minutes to get to the island and about 20 minutes to disembark the ferry. Upon arrival we re greeted to pipers and drummers from the Citadel. Tunnels tours (!) were offered every 15 minutes by costumed interpreters. Interpreters also roamed the island offering information and participating in games. My only issue was that my interpreter was that she wore glitter nail polish.

I loved taking the tunnel tour and learning more about my city!

I was hoping to see the infamous George's Island snake but no such luck! Maybe next time!

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