Monday, September 2, 2013

Dirty Dancing... Halifax Nights

Our Big Day Night Downtown HFX

We were psyched to be given the opportunity to participate in the Halifax Downtown Business Commission’s Big Day Downtown promotion. We were given a $150 Visa gift card and let loose to spend our monies in Haliwood’s downtown then blog about it. There was just one condition, we were given three words which had to describe our experience; our words were Thrilling, Playful and Satisfying. Our own conditions were that we had to do something different that none of us had ever done before or any of the other bloggers participating. With a lot of debating the idea to spend a night out rather than the day was born.

Table Setting at Pipa
We made Friday night reservations at Pipa on Argyle Street, Halifax’s first Brazilian/Portuguese restaurant sandwiched between The Carlton and The Foggy Goggle. We arrived a little early... well it was more than just a lil’, it was more like twenty minutes... and our table was not ready. We had a seat at a table near the bar and they had our table ready within 5 minutes. The restaurant established in 2009 has two separate dining rooms. We were seated in the large Atrium which is a beautiful room with a black and white checkered dance floor in the centre. 
Bar in Atrium at Pipa

We had our own corner table near the bar. Somebody must have tipped them about us... 

The great service didn’t end there. Our waiter, Paulina (I hope that’s her name), was phenomenal. She was very knowledgeable about everything on the menu. We decided we would sample as many appetizers as we could and sample a pitcher (or two) of their White Wine/ Peach Sangria since they were $5 off.

Paulina helped us with the pronunciation of pretty much everything on the menu. We first ordered the Chicken Coxinhas. I’m still not sure how to pronounce it but I do know Paulina can. I’m not entirely sure what’s in it. It tasted almost like a chicken ball with a potatoes type of batter around it.

Chicken Coxinhas
We had Cheese & Cassava Bread- Pao de Queijo... yeah you’re pretty much on your own with trying to pronounce that too. Its bread made with cheese and tapioca served with condiments. It was my favorite thing we ordered. It had a pancake like density but tasted much better.

Pao de Queijo
Grilled Chouriço was supposed to come flaming but the fire went out before it got to our table. I love sausage especially if they are spicy and this one was no different... and we forgot to take a pic, Sorry!

We also had Nacho’s with avocado, beans and some type of shaved meat on top who’s real name I can’t remember but I'm okay with that because they were not the greatest. Not enough cheese and too much beans. It’s essentially the only thing I didn’t quite enjoy. 


Sangria Pitcher #2
The White Wine/ Peach Sangria was amazing. We started with just a pitcher but even those among us who are not Sangria fans really enjoyed this one. Just sweet enough to be summer time refreshing. So we bought two....

Every Friday night Pipa offers group salsa dancing lessons for $5 that starts at 9PM. However, if you are dining there the lessons are free. I had presumed that the females would outnumber the males in class but to my surprise, the male to female ratio was pretty much equal... even with the four of us ladies from the blog. 

I have no rhythm and no prior dance lessons experience so I really did not know what to expect. However, our very pregnant instructor Amanda had one of those personalities that can just put everyone in the room completely at ease. I thought when we would eventually pair up that it would be extremely awkward but everyone was really relaxed. She would switch us partners every so often so I eventually got to meet most of the men who showed up to class.

The lessons last an hour ... then the Atrium becomes a real Salsa dance floor. I was amazed with the amount of people who showed up so early in the night. By 10:30PM the dance floor was almost packed with the most smooth and sexy dancers I’ve ever seen in Halifax.

Our incognito picture of J Lo and Kanye
I was completely mesmerized. It was like the scene in Dirty Dancing where Baby first sees most of the hired staff dancing while she’s carrying those watermelons through the dance floor... except the lighting was a little dimer. One couple in particular that I nicknamed Kanye and J Lo just tore up the dance floor. It is by far the best dance floor I’ve ever seen in Haliwood.

The atmosphere on Argyle Street on Friday nights is always alive and so full of life, with the street preachers and all...  It is really the best place to hang out to meet new people In Halifax for us older young adults who aren’t into the real heavy bar scene anymore but still like to go out. We all agreed that we’ll definitely be going back for Salsa Lessons at Pipa real soon. 

On behalf of the blog, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Downtown Halifax Business Commission for letting us participate in this years Big Day Downtown Campaign. 

Now it's your turn to have some fun of your own. Follow Downtown Halifax Business Commission on twitter and facebook for your chance to win your own $100 Prepaid Visa Gift Card to experience your own Big Day Downtown. Each day for three weeks they'll be giving one away with a grand prize giveaway of $1000. 

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