Monday, September 23, 2013

The Comedy of Errors - Opa!

This Friday evening we to attended Neptune Theater’s The Comedy of Errors, and what great night it was. I was not sure what to expect with it being a Shakespeare play and I thought maybe the language would be distracting, but with in the 1st monologue lost all notice of the Old English and fell into the story. One of the 1st things i noticed before the show got started is how beautiful the set was, I have seen a number of shows at Neptune (mostly the musicals) and this was definitely my favorite.  

Set in Greece The Comedy of Errors tells the story of two sets of separated identical twins through a series of mistaken identities. The cast was wonderful and had spot comedic timing, and the comedy was everything from very physical to very subtle. It was some of this subtle comedy that got the biggest laughs especially the gold smith and the town beauty. The bigger more physical stuff was also great and a crowd favourite seemed to be the classic breaking of the plate and the “Opa!” that followed.

Neptune is a very important part of the Halifax culture and entertainment scene and we encourage you to get out and see the show. The Comedy of Errors runs up till October 13 so you still have a little time to get out and see it.

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